Digital Strategist, Marketer & Product Developer

Ade Camilleri forms part of the Media Plan Group 

A leading provider of bespoke digital products and services

Digital Marketing

Utilising a suite of bespoke digital marketing products and market intelligence software our services will help the growth of public and private companies. This is achievable with the expertise of Ade Camilleri – a strategic competitor intelligence analyst, digital marketing professional and product developer


Spreading your website, blog and digital content across a mix of web 2.0, social media, profiling and mirrored websites throughout the web ensures that your digital footprint goes beyond your corporate website. The digital footprint marketing service does this by amplifying and reproducing this content and is an ever increasing part of the brands identity. 

Competitor Intelligence

To engage, retain and grow your existing database of clients and customers, product developer, Ade Camilleri, uses the most unique and engaging applications available to enhance products ranging from mobile apps, communications products, casino games, websites games and social media apps

Product Development

By collecting and analysing real time statistics and data generated on the outcome of competitors marketing strategies, customers are able to develop successful online campaigns that ensure they remain at the top of their game. By using campaign monitoring and campaign hacking strategies, corporations can monitor, reverse engineer and outplay their competitors.

Using our cutting edge digital products and services, be sure to expect profound changes to your online performance.